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It’s been a busy week for portable loo hire at euroloo

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It’s been a busy week for portable loo hire at euroloo

As always, it’s been an extremely busy week here at euroloo. We’ve provided portable loos and builder’s loos all the way across Essex through to central London and surrounding counties. As there is every week, there have been a couple of hire jobs that have really stuck out and this week it happens to have included a popular event at Hedingham Castle and a school emergency. First let’s take a peek at our recent visit to the beautiful Hedingham Castle.

The weekend of the 6th saw our expert team at euroloo providing toilets to a large and might we add hugely popular event at Hedingham Castle. The event we had the pleasure of supplying portable loos for, happened to be the Porsche Classic Car event. The classic car event saw enthusiasts turn out in their 1000s to enjoy the parade of Porsches consisting of special cars from the Porsche museum as well as the rare Porsche 365 Carrera and the 1972 911 and 924 GT’s from the AG production period. Our team turned out in their usual professional style to offer portable loo hire consisting of male and female luxury toilet trailers along with 6 standard portable loos. The popularity of the event required the toilets to be of the highest standard with a precise level of maintenance, which we provided with our usual level of skill.

The Porsche Classic Car event at Hedingham Castle wasn’t our only excitement this week after we received a phone call from a primary school in Southend. Darlinghurst School rang after works had commenced on the building leaving the five year old children without a close by toilet. If mobile loos couldn’t be arranged, it would have meant the children walking all the way through the school to use the toilets on the other side, which wasn’t only inconvenient but a little unrealistic too. The school explained that not only did they need toilets much closer to the five year olds, they also needed them as soon as was physically possible. This is where our emergency toilet hire came in rather handy as we managed to deliver them mobile loos within a matter of a few hours. As a result of our efficient service, the children were able to carry on as normal with the younger children having more conveniently located toilets. This subsequently translated into far less interruption to classes. We were also extremely happy to receive such a great review from the school after they expressed their happiness at our quick service and great product.

Once again, our expert team here at euroloo ensured the show did indeed go on by supplying portable loos for not only a high profile event but the education system too. This only goes to emphasise just how versatile our mobile loos and luxury event toilets really are. If you’d like more information on the work we carry out on a daily basis or if you’d like to enquire as to how we might be able to help you with our portable loos for hire then please do contact us today.

It’s been a busy week for portable loo hire at euroloo

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