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Emergency Portable Toilets

No.1 for emergency portable toilet hire

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No.1 for emergency portable toilet hire

Here at euroloo, just one of the services we happen to offer is emergency portable toilet hire. As you may well know, we provide regular portable toilets, along with disabled access and even luxury event loos across the whole of the UK on a daily basis but in spite of such demand, we’re still on hand to offer deployment of emergency toilets within 2.5 hours anywhere and at anytime. In fact, we’re so adept that we provide the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority with all of their emergency portable toilet hire needs 365 days of the year. What a lot of people aren’t aware of however is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to be an emergency service or even in the middle of what most would deem to be an emergency situation. In fact, there are actually a number of times when you could call upon our large fleet of emergency portable toilets. Let’s take you through just some of the situations in which we’ve been used.

Natural Disasters – first and foremost we of course deploy all over the UK for any given natural disaster such as a flood or fire. The vast majority of the time this does indeed take us to work alongside the emergency services, something that we’re very proud to do but it’s not necessarily the most common cause for our portable toilets to be deployed.

Water Mains Failures – water mains failures are far more common than you think and can be a real cause for alarm. With a lack of water supply to your home or business, this means a lack of working toilets. This can amount to some very unhappy, and might be add uncomfortable, workers as well as some serious sanitation issues. In a case of water mains failures, our emergency portable toilets are available for immediate delivery, fully equipped with a recirculating flush and waterless hand sanitizers.

It should be remembered however that this list isn’t exhaustive. Just because you aren’t in the middle of a natural disaster or aren’t suffering from a water mains failure, doesn’t mean you don’t count as an emergency. Most recently we’ve had a school call us in need of our emergency portable toilets due to construction works making their children’s toilets completely inaccessible. This meant the five-year-old children would have had to walk to the other end of the school in order to use the toilet facilities which was not only asking a little too much of children that age, but would have also created a rather big issue in terms of them needing to be escorted. Thankfully, we deployed our emergency portable toilets to the school within the hour (the location of the school meant travel was kept to a minimum) ensuring the school gates could open on time, first thing Monday morning.

If you think you may be in need of emergency portable toilet hire or would like to find out more as to what actually qualifiers as an emergency, then please do contact us via the following information: [email protected] or 0800 61 22 515

No.1 for emergency portable toilet hire

Emergency Portable Toilets

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