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5 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Builders Loos
Portable toilet hire near me

5 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Builders Loos

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5 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Builders Loos

5 Things To Know When Hiring Builders Loos

It’s no big secret that portable toilets and builders sites go hand in hand. Whether you happen to be working on a small home renovation or a much larger, commercial build, portable toilets or builders loos as they’re also known, play an important and might we add, integral part in keeping your construction site functional and up to code on regulations. Aside from giving your workers a convenient place to relieve themselves during their working hours, builders loos can also provide a number of other key benefits to help your company complete their jobs on time. Here are the 5 key ‘builders loo’ facts when it comes to hiring, that every construction site manager should know:

  1. Increased productivity – any contractor worth their money will know productivity is the key to any successful job and by providing your workers with a portable toilet on site, trips off site in search of sanitation facilities will be completely eliminated. Now add up that time saving for just one member of staff and multiply it by the number of workers in your entire crew. That rather quickly adds up to a lot of time and money being saved.
  2. Increased safety – all contractors know the importance of enforcing safety in and around a worksite. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of getting any job done. From the personal protective equipment your workers wear to any certified safety training required, a number of construction companies are now promoting safe techniques in order to ensure worker safety. While gloves and a hard hat may spring to the forefront at the mention of safety, sanitation facilities should be following closely behind. Why? Well, without your site’s own builders loos available, you may find your workers crossing dangerous roads in order to find them. You also increase the chances of spreading unwanted germs and diseases too. Eliminate these conditions with a portable toilet that benefits from a weekly clean and your workforce will stay healthier, for longer. Yet again, less time lost.
  3. Versatility – builders loos have very simple designs making them easily transported around site. On top of this, euroloo also happen to offer confined space and folding portable site toilets in case your construction site is particular hard to reach or enclosed. Within minutes of having a toilet delivered, your workers will have access to sanitation facilities placed wherever needed. You may even have some toilets modified in order to allow a crane to move them to wherever needed.
  4. Cost effective – one of the biggest benefits that come with a portable builders loo is the cost effective solution it offers. Buying your own portable toilet is of course always an option and something we offer here at euroloo too but hiring has its benefits such as weekly cleans. You also have the option of sending it back in between jobs which means no payments for the duration while you’re not using it and no need to find storage either. It also means you don’t need to transport it to jobs; simply call our good-selves here at euroloo, tell us where you want it and we’ll have it delivered in a matter of hours.

For more information, simply contact us today at euroloo, we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions you might have about builders loos hire and more.

5 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Builders Loos

Portable toilet hire near me

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