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Event Toilet Hire With euroloo

Event Toilet Hire With euroloo

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Event Toilet Hire With euroloo

Event season is in full swing. Rize Festival has just come to a close and will be followed by more to come. The end of the summer however doesn’t wave goodbye to festivals entirely. As Autumn and Winter arrive, so too will Autumnal fairs and of course the inevitable onslaught of Christmas fairs. Here at euroloo, we’re often called upon for event toilet hire whether that’s in London, Leeds or beyond. With clients now contacting us for event toilet hire ready for next year, we thought we’d share some of our best advice when it comes to hiring portable toilets for any event, whether it’s a family fun day or a techno fest!

  1. Rent Enough Event Toilets – this is quite possibly our best tip to date and one that cannot be underestimated. So many people have, in the past, hired too few toilets. Whether it’s an attempt to save money or to save space. Renting too few toilets however is the main cause for those extra long queues we see time and again. If you’re expecting two thousand guests, then two event toilets simply won’t cut it. Our team will be more than happy to help you choose the right amount of toilets for the number of guests you’re expecting to help ensure your toilets aren’t overused or constantly accompanied by an ever-lasting, extra long queue.
  2. Hire Separate Wash Stands – if you don’t hire washstands, you’ll find your guests spending more time than necessary in the portable toilets. By offering separate wash stands, you will encourage guests to walk away from the toilets to clean themselves, freeing up a toilet for the next guest wanting to use them. This will help to reduce the queues surrounding them.
  3. Arrange Your Event Toilets In A U-Shape – we’re often met with confused expressions when we suggest arranging the event toilets in a U-shape but it’s actually for good reason. When toilets are arranged in a straight line, it’s difficult for guests to see which ones are available. By arranging them in a u-shape or semi-circle, guests are better able to see which toilets are free. This will once again make the queues reduce much quicker than normal.
  4. Create Several Toilet Areas – by creating several toilet areas, you’ll prevent big crowds from gathering in the one area. This prevents the inevitable confusion when people try to work out who’s in the queue and who’s not. Large events with a lot of people can create congestion. Creating several toilet areas can therefore reduce that greatly.

Follow the tips above and we guarantee your next event’s sanitation will run more smoothly than expected. Your guests will thank you for it too. For more tips, or if you’d like to organise your next event toilet hire, contact us on 0800 61 22 515.

Event Toilet Hire With euroloo

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