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Environmental Benefits Of Portable Toilets
portable toilet hire Brentwood

Environmental Benefits Of Portable Toilets

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Environmental Benefits Of Portable Toilets

Environmental Benefits Of Portable Toilets

Aside from the fact that toilets are a convenient addition to an event or work location, there are a number of benefits to portable toilets. Some of these benefits, many aren’t aware of. Today we’re going to look at the environmental benefits of portable toilets. The question is, what are the environmental benefits of portable toilets?

Portable Toilets: Environmental Pros

Correct Disposal Of Waste – whether your toilets are sat at a large event or at your own home during renovations, correct disposal of human waste is essential. While just one person’s waste may not make a huge negative impact on the environment, it’s not completely out of the question. Human waste carries harmful microorganisms which thrive in cold water. Human waste near streams and other water sources can therefore lead to the spread of disease. One of the most common being Giardia.
Conserve Water – modern flushing toilets, while convenient, use an incredible amount of water. Every flush, even on low flow, will use a minimum of 1.6 gallons. Portable toilets however, which don’t need to be flushed save gallons upon gallons of water. Waste can be safely disposed of without the use of ‘water with every flush’. While the portable toilet will of course need water for cleaning, it’s drastically less than regular flushing toilets. It’s so beneficial in fact that many events or venues opt for portable toilets all year round.

Goodbye To Odours And Disease

Reduce The Spread Of Disease – did you know human waste can be harmful to local wildlife and vegetation? While animals may relieve themselves in the wild, they also know how to manage their waste. Humans also consume processed foods and medication, all of which could cause further harm. While we aren’t saying animals and wildlife will directly eat human waste, it can find its way on paws and hooves and even other humans. Insects will also spread waste. It’s for this reason that campgrounds and other outdoor venues choose portable toilets. Not only for the safety of people, but the health of our environment.
Odour Control – modern portable toilets have a distinct benefit over older portable toilets – odour control. New portable toilets have superior odour control using specialist chemicals. This means you can say goodbye to the odour so many associate with portable toilets.
Improved Cleanliness – with routine cleans and maintenance included, portable toilets are the perfect option for those wanting cleanliness. Portable toilets offer clean short and long term options.

Toilet Hire For Construction Sites

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to toilet hire for construction sites. We travel nationwide to provide these services and can help you too? Contact us today on 0800 6122515 for more information on the environmental benefits of portable toilets.

Environmental Benefits Of Portable Toilets

portable toilet hire Brentwood

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