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Emergency Portable Toilet Hire with euroloo

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Emergency Portable Toilet Hire with euroloo

Winter is now well on it’s way with not only high winds thanks to Storm Barney but rain, snow and freezing conditions. As anyone knows, freezing pipes can jeopardise your water supply if you aren’t prepared but have you ever thought it could happen to you? More importantly, have you ever considered what the effect would be on your business if your mains water were to fail for more than just a few hours? Would you be able to continue trading as normal or would you need to call in the help of experts such as an emergency portable toilet hire company?

When the temperature drops, something that’s guaranteed to happen every single winter here in Britain, the water in your pipes will inevitably freeze. The pressure of ice when it begins expanding is usually more than enough to burst the pipe and it’s something as simple as a small crack that can have severe implications; implications to not just your sanitation system but to your business too whilst repairs are being carried out.

Therefore the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have a plan B? Before you begin to panic about implementing emergency plans, here at euroloo, we have a much easier option for you. Just one of our services includes emergency toilet hire 24/7, 365 days of the year.

This means that no matter where or when you suffer a mains water failure, euroloo will be able to supply you with self-contained working toilets. Not only will this mean your staff continue to have constant access to clean sanitation facilities but it will also mean your company can continue to run, uninterrupted.

euroloo are true specialists when it comes to the rapid delivery of Emergency portable toilets and as such, we’ve been able to help a huge number of people and companies, however we won’t be stopping there. We realise that in any type of situation such as this, sanitation facilities aren’t the only necessity. Water consumption is also high priority during this time which is why we now offer emergency bottled water via our subsidiary company ‘Emergency Hire Services’. Emergency Hire Services are able to deploy any amount of emergency bottled water to anywhere in the UK and at anytime. We provide this service for commercial businesses and local authorities. Having worked with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority on a number of occasions, thanks to our long running contract with them, we realised that bottled water was the fastest way to respond to any type of water loss incident. Regardless of it’s cause (natural disaster, mains water failure), bottled water could be transported to wherever it was necessary.

Whether you’re in need of emergency portable toilet hire or even emergency bottled water, here at euroloo and Emergency Hire Services, we can cover almost every eventuality within a matter of hours and in some cases, just minutes. For more details on our quick delivery of portable toilets and emergency bottled water on a planned or emergency basis for emergencies or major incident please call our EMERGENCY portable toilet hire team on 0800 61 22 515 which is a 24/7 line.

Emergency Portable Toilet Hire with euroloo

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