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Emergency Toilet Hire

Emergency Portable Toilet Hire And More

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Emergency Portable Toilet Hire And More

Here at euroloo, the majority of our work surrounds portable toilet hire along with waste removal. While many would simply categorise portable toilet hire under one umbrella, those who know euroloo know that there are actually a great number of different types of portable toilet hire and one such area in which we find ourselves significantly busy happens to be emergency portable toilet hire. The fact that we’re now responsible for all emergency portable toilet hire for the London Fire Brigade only goes to show just how very capable we are in this area but that’s just not good enough. As the providers of emergency portable toilet hire nationwide, we want to take it that one step further which is why we’ll now be introducing something called “Partnered Services”. This means that we’ll not only be able to provide you with emergency portable toilet hire, we’ll also be able to provide you with a great number of other emergency services such as emergency power, emergency water and even emergency lighting.

Finding yourself a little confused as to why or when you might need such services? Allow us to explain:

Emergency Power – it can be hard for some to think of a time when they’d need emergency power but we guarantee that at some point in your life, whether you’re a construction company working on a tight deadline, a primary school facing closure for the day or simply a domestic house that’s having a spot of trouble, emergency power can most certainly come in handy. Providing emergency power will mean that your deadline can still be met, lessons can continue and your family can still enjoy dinner or that much needed cup of tea!

Emergency Water – with the recent floodings, which are now sadly becoming an annual occurrence it would seem, many can find themselves without a basic necessity: clean drinking water. This means that not only are you facing the possibility of losing everything you hold dear, but you’ll have the added pressure of finding drinking water for you and your family. Luckily, with the ability to provide you with emergency water as well as emergency sanitation, that’s just one less thing to think about. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself without clean drinking water then soon you’ll be able to contact us here at euroloo and have enough water within just two hours.

Emergency Lighting – some would deem this as not a necessity, after all when the power goes out at home and you lose the use of your lighting, what do you do? You light a candle of course! But what if a loss of lighting means a loss of working time, a loss of earnings even? This is when emergency lighting can prove hugely beneficial and in some cases, necessary.

This means that very soon, euroloo will be able to provide you with not only emergency sanitation but emergency power, emergency water and emergency lighting. Or in other words, all the necessities you’ll need should you find yourself stuck. For more information about our future partnered services or to discuss your emergency portable toilet needs, contact us today.

Emergency Portable Toilet Hire And More

Emergency Toilet Hire

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