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Emergency Portable Toilet Hire in London and Essex
Emergency Temporary Toilets for rental

Emergency Portable Toilet Hire in London and Essex

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Emergency Portable Toilet Hire in London and Essex

Whether you own or are in charge of the running of a business, one area you may never have considered is just what you would do in a major emergency. Now, when we discuss the term “major emergency” we’re not talking about town shattering earthquakes or volcano eruptions (this is Britain after all) but something much more likely such as a fire, severe water shortage or even a flood. In occurrences such as this, many businesses can be ground to a complete hault and all it’s down to is a lack of preparation. Many councils now, including within London and Essex, encourage businesses and voluntary organisations alike to fully prepare themselves for an emergency such as those we’ve mentioned. By preparing for this fully, you’ll help your business or organisation to survive any sort of disruption and either carry on with normal activity or in the very least, return to normal activity as soon as possible afterward.

Planning for your business to survive an event such as a fire or flood needn’t be stressful, difficult or expensive. While your local council may have prepared a number of leaflets to help, we’re also here to offer some advice in the form of sanitation facilities. Why is this so important? Well, as specialists when it comes to emergency portable toilet hire, we know only too well the hassle and interruption caused when domestic and commercial toilets cease to work. We’re also fully aware that many, when preparing contingency plans for such events will leave the organisation of sanitation facilities to the very end or in some cases, forget to consider sanitation facilities entirely. Here at euroloo, we have a large fleet of emergency portable toilets for hire, ready to be deployed within two and a half hours to anywhere and at any time.

With our recirculating flush toilets and waterless hand sanitisers, which makes them totally self sufficient, euroloo emergency portable toilet hire will help your business battle against virtually any emergency situation that renders your usual sanitation facilities unusable. Here at euroloo we pride ourselves on providing a top class service for those unfortunate enough to be affected by major incidents or emergencies, whether it be a public or staff requirement. Any number of emergency portable toilets can and will be delivered quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

If you’re contemplating an emergency plan of action for the very first time then here are a few more pointers that you may want to consider and find the answers to:

• Would your staff, students or customers know who would be in charge?
• Would they know what to do in an emergency?
• Would they know who to contact regarding returning to work?
• Would they be able to get home if they were evacuated without their personal belongings i.e. money and keys.
• Do you know how you would contact your staff in order to instruct them to stay at home or use a different location?
• Do you have staff contact details including next of kin?
• How long would a major emergency need to carry on for before it begins to affect your normal activities?
• Do you have an alternative location in which to reside in order to continue normal activities?
• Do you have staff with additional skills that can be utilised?
• Do you know where you can go for further advice during an incident?

These are just some of the questions you may want to consider finding answers to while creating your plan of action. Whether you’re based in London, Essex or surrounding counties, you can often find some great advice via your local council however when it comes to emergency portable toilet hire there’s only one place to go and that’s here at euroloo. Remember, during any form of disruption, if you don’t look after your customers then you can bet your competition will.

Emergency Portable Toilet Hire in London and Essex

Emergency Temporary Toilets for rental

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euroloo has been involved in the supply and servicing of portable toilet facilities since 2003. Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience, this knowledge along with our trained service team helps us deliver our excellent service levels.

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