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euroloo win London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority contract

euroloo win London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority contract

euroloo win London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority contract

We are pleased to announce that we have won a major 3 year contract to provide the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority with Portable Hygiene Units on a 24 hour a day 365 day a year basis for all requirements of Emergency hire London.

London Emergency Planning
London Emergency Planning

The team at euroloo has worked hard over the past 6 months having gone through a lengthy and thorough tender process winning the contract on many factors with the core being our ability to deliver a cost effective, reliable and quality service having been previously proved over a 12 month trial basis.

Gary Mead, Managing Director, said “This contract win is testament to the strong team we have in place to deliver our emergency toilet hire and site services on a planned or emergency basis” and commented “Following on from this contract win we are now in ongoing discussions with a number of Local Authorities and Planning Authorities to deliver similar emergency toilet hire services as we are fast becoming recognized as a reliable and dependable specialist in area”

With the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority employing approximately 6,300 staff including around 5,300 operational firefighters via 104 fire stations operating 24 hours a day every day covering an area of 620 square miles they have virtually every known type of fire risk covered, from high risk, densely populated inner city areas to lower risk suburban locations – these facts demonstrate that euroloo have clearly been awarded a very significant contract indeed.

If you have any toilet hire requirements  that you need to factor into your emergency planning procedures or emergency contingency plans be sure to give euroloo a call on 0800 61 22 515 or email sales@euroloo.com

euroloo win London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority contract

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