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Keep your eye on new Septic Tank Regulations…

Keep your eye on new Septic Tank Regulations…


Keep your eye on new Septic Tank Regulations…

The Latest Septic Tank Regulations

New Legislation in the U.K has seen a need to think about your septic tank and how it may be performing.If your septic tank has not been serviced on a regular basis or emptied or de-sludged then it is most likely that your domestic sewerage is being handled by outdated technologies or is not performing as well as it could be.

There are a number of definite benefits from the inspection of your septic tank by your local authority including the following:

No Action: This will happen if you have a working septic tank that is cleaned out regularly and disposing of waste water effectively.

Your Septic Tank Needs to be Desludged: This will occur if your septic tank is working properly but needs to be cleaned out and has not been for more than one year.

Your Percolation Area needs to be Replaced: This will happen when your percolation area has become ineffective and discharge waste is becoming visible on the surface of your garden.

Your Septic Tank Needs to be Replaced:  This will occur if you have a septic tank that is not working properly and is discharging waste water into the surrounding ground water. The septic tank technology that you are using will need to be upgraded. Replacement of your existing tank can take place in less than one day.

There are a number of ways you can bring your system up to date:

Locate your tank: The first step is to identify where your tank is and clear the area around it. Many septic tanks are situated at the edge of sites under bushes and hedging. In order to inspect the tank you will need to clear this away.

Speak to an Expert: We firmly believe that the best way to solve any issue you have with your septic tank is to have it inspected and diagnosed early. If you get an expert to investigate they will assess the situation and give the proper advice.

Get your tank cleaned: If it is more than a year since you’ve had your septic tank emptied or de-sludged you should think strongly about getting it done.

Euro Loo can offer you an honest and impartial visual inspection of your installed unit giving you advice as to what may be required to bring your septic tank up to the required standards, this will be free of charge if booked in with a standard septic tank empty and will give you peace of mind that all is in working order or allow you to plan in advance for any future works that need to be carried out, this may save embarrassment and possible threat of fines or enforcements in the future.

For further details of this service please call our Liquid Waste Team on 0800 61 22 515.


Keep your eye on new Septic Tank Regulations…

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