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Construction Toilets In Leicester

Construction Toilets In Leicester

Construction Toilets In Leicester

Construction Toilets In Leicester

If you run a construction site, you’ll know the importance of productivity and satisfaction within your workforce. A team, any team, of skilled workers, focused on their task is the key to an efficient project completion. What many don’t know is that on-site toilets can help toward that end goal. How? Let’s take a look at how construction toilets in Leicester could turn your construction site around.

Looking For Construction Toilets In Leicester

Fewer Days Lost To Sickness – sickness can spread in a number of ways. Spreading via touch however, is one of the biggest causes. Without proper washing facilities, illness can and will spread quickly throughout a worksite. Having toilets and a hand washing station on location is an easy way to minimise the possibility of spread. Hand washing has been known to reduce the spread of disease by a whopping 30% alone. Stopping illness in its tracks will make for an efficient work team and reduce the number of sick days taken by a great amount.

Happier Worksite – the addition to sanitation facilities on site will mean a much happier workforce. We all know a happy workforce is an efficient workforce. Not only that but a happy workforce also helps keep your turnover rate down too and as any manager knows, a high turnover rate is never good for business. With every departing employee comes a loss of work time, more expenditure on training new staff and other associated expenses. Keeping your crew happy will mean you avoid all of these unnecessary problems and gain an experienced team along the way.

Fewer Interruptions – have you found yourself in the past watching your crew downing tools to go in search of toilets? Worse still, have you received complaints from clients when staff walk through their offices in dirty boots? By providing your staff with their own toilets, you immediately avoid the possibility of complaints from clients. You also avoid a countless amount of interruptions, as your workforce no longer needs to leave site to find them.

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law – want to stay on the right side of the law? Then we suggest you provide toilet facilities for your workforce. If mains connection is available, we can provide mains connected toilets with a fully working flush system. If your site doesn’t have a mains connection available, we have stand alone chemical site toilets that come with a free weekly service to ensure they’re clean and ready for use.

Construction Toilets In Leicester

Here at euroloo, we’ve become one of the UK’s leaders when it comes to portable toilet hire. So it makes perfect sense that we’d be your go-to company in your time of need. We have ‘hubs’ placed all around the country to ensure we’re able to deploy and deliver portable toilets virtually anywhere they may be needed. For more information on our construction toilets in Leicester, call us today on 0800 6122515.

Construction Toilets In Leicester

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