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Construction Site Toilet Hire for Construction Site Hygiene #tradetalk

Construction Site Toilet Hire for Construction Site Hygiene #tradetalk

Construction Site Toilet Hire for Construction Site Hygiene #tradetalk

When it comes to construction site hygiene, tales will usually tell a pretty grim story but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, we insist it shouldn’t be like that; a happy worker is a hard worker after all. To help you on your journey to true construction site hygiene we thought we’d give you a guide to keeping things in tip top shape, with of course, the use of our construction site toilets being top of the list.

While many constructions sites claim to encounter very few issues when it comes to site hygiene, it’s worthwhile knowing that construction site hygiene encourages good housekeeping, and therefore helps reduce cross contamination, safeguarding your members of staff in terms of health and safety.

Housekeeping – good housekeeping’s quite simply critical for construction site safety. When taking this into consideration, you must remember to:

  • Clean the entire job site after major tasks have been carried out or at the very least, daily. This helps to avoid the accumulation of flammable or hazardous materials.
  • Stack scraps and excess materials out of the way.
  • Ensure walkways, work areas and stairs are free from clutter.
  • Ensure walking surfaces are level and steady.

Drinking water – clean drinking water is an incredibly important aspect of any working site, whether it’s provided in bottles or via a plumbed in fountain. Clean drinking water must be provided and correctly labeled. If however there is non-drinkable water on site, this should also be clearly labeled as “not safe for drinking, washing or cooking” to avoid any mistakes.

Washing facilities – washing facilities on site are yet another way in which workers can remain clean and help avoid cross-contamination before eating, drinking or even heading home for the day. It also means that workers can wash away the harmful substances and essentially decontaminate themselves and their PPE. This, of course, is especially important for workers using or handling potentially harmful substances such as solvents or paint. The general rule of thumb is to provide one washing station for every 20 employees. Now while this may sound like a huge job, it couldn’t be easier. With our washstand and welfare unit hire, ensuring your construction site has the necessary wash facilities is simple. If your jobsite has fewer than five employees and only one toilet, then you may provide washing facilities inside of the portable toilet station.

Bathroom facilities – last but not least, portable toilets or construction site toilets as they’re also known are required for every 20 employees or less. This must cater for each gender on the job site too. An example of this would be if there were 30 men and 10 women, 3 bathrooms would be required. Toilets can contain both a toilet and urinal however at least one must have a toilet to cater for female staff. If there are fewer than 5 employees on a job site however, then separate toilets do not need to be provided, as long as the bathroom can be locked and once again, contains a toilet for female staff. All bathrooms should be private and in good working order with an adequate supply of toilet paper. Here at euroloo, once again, we make things so much easier by providing weekly cleans with all construction site toilet hire.

Do your bit for construction site hygiene and provide your workers with the sanitation and hydration facilities they need in order to do the job you want of them.

Construction Site Toilet Hire for Construction Site Hygiene #tradetalk

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