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Your Ultimate Construction Site Safety Checklist #tradetalk

Your Ultimate Construction Site Safety Checklist #tradetalk

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Your Ultimate Construction Site Safety Checklist #tradetalk

The construction worker is regarded as one of the most dangerous occupations, often described as anything but safe. With heights, heavy machinery, sharp edges, deep holes and more, it’s no wonder accidents appear to be rife.

It can sometimes seem no matter how careful the contractor is, no matter how safe he feels he’s being, accidents still happen. Obviously, employers must take care of construction site safety however, employees must also be mindful to take precautions themselves. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top five safety measures every construction site worker must take from training to builders loo hire:

Double check all work areas – scaffolds are an integral part of the vast majority of construction sites however, they happen to be associated with a high number of injuries. It’s therefore important that you ensure safety first whenever you’re going to be working on or around them. Ensure scaffolding has been inspected by the correct professional and never, under any circumstances work on incomplete scaffold. Ladders must also be checked for dangers, such as wobbly runs. The ladder should also be the correct strength and height for the job intended, and always at least one meter above the landing of your scaffolding with all ends fastened or secured properly.

Be vigilant with heavy machinery and electricity – any construction site will usually be home to a number of electric installations. Lifting equipment is most certainly worthy of note as it often involves both electricity and heavy weights subsequently requiring all such machinery to be checked thoroughly for wear and tear. If you’re using plug in devices such as drills or grinders, we advise you check all metal casing and ensure the power supply offers a circuit breaker. Under no circumstances should you allow electric tools to come into contact with water. On top of all of this, you should ensure that everyone using electrical machinery has the necessary training too.

Fire Prevention – with the huge amount of machinery present, along with a number of combustible materials, fires can become an issue. It’s therefore hugely important that you take the necessary measures to prevent them. Open flames should be kept away to ensure this doesn’t happen, especially where oilrigs are concerned. All workers must be aware of access and egress to the site, along with plans should a fire break out. Ensure everyone knows where the fire extinguishers are located along with how to use them too.

PPE – employers are obligated to provide all workers with the necessary protective clothing. Well fitting helmets as well as protective eyewear are an absolute must, as well as earplugs or earmuffs to protect against possible hearing loss (a huge side effect of a career in the construction industry). Last but not least, anti-slip footwear and protective apparel are all necessities. If your construction site has heavy machinery then workers must wear high visibility clothing too, in order to ensure they’re easily seen at all times.

Welfare Facilities – while this might not become instantly obvious in terms of safety, it’s actually integral. Providing clean onsite welfare facilities for workers prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. This ensures all workers are healthy and in peak condition. Portable toilets and welfare unitsare the perfect addition to any construction site as they can be placed in any location. With builders loo hire from euroloo, you’ll also receive a free weekly clean too, making it simple to offer clean sanitation facilities for every job.

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Your Ultimate Construction Site Safety Checklist #tradetalk

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