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Considering hire event loos for the first time?
1+1 Luxury toilet trailer

Considering hire event loos for the first time?

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Considering hire event loos for the first time?

When it comes to hiring portable loos for the first time, it can often feel a little daunting and this is especially so for an event when there are so many regulations to adhere to. We understand that you may not realise just what rules need to be followed and how. Here at euroloo however, we’re more than happy to offer our expert advice on suitable requirements however, in order to for us to give you the best information and advice possible, we need to know a little bit about your event first. Here are just some of the questions you may get asked when you call for advice or to hire event loos from euroloo.

What date is your event taking place? This will be one of the first questions we’ll ask you here at euroloo for the simple fact that we’ll need to check our stock levels. With a fleet of over 800 however, we’ll no doubt be able to provide you with all your portable toilet hire needs.

What type of event are you holding? We want to know if it’s a festival, a birthday party or a wedding. The reason being, if it’s an event that allows guests to camp over night or allows alcohol, then you’ll require additional units and possibly a little more maintenance for the duration of the event.

How many people will be attending your event? So that we can advise you as to the best toilets for your event, as well as the correct number, we’ll need to know how many people you’ll be expecting along. This will help ensure there are enough amenities to avoid long and unnecessary queues, allowing you to provide the required toilet capacity.

What’s the access like for us to deliver and collect your toilets? You may think this will be a make or break question if your event has particularly poor access however it’s simply to allow us to offer you the correct type of toilet. If you have great access then luxury portable toilets or standard mobiles loos will do the trick. If you have very restricted access to your events location then a folding portable site toilet might be a better choice for you.

When would you want them delivered and collected? Do you have very specific requirements for the delivery of them or perhaps you have to have them collected at a certain time of day. Whatever time and date you need them, we’ll need to know in order to be able to accommodate your requests.

Do you have access to electricity where the toilets will be located? We ask this as our luxury toilet trailers for example need a 13-amp plug socket as they’re totally self contained and require no drainage and water supply. If you don’t then we’ll be able to advise you on a better alternative.

What type of loo are you after? Here at euroloo we don’t simply have portable toilets to hire, we have a selection of different portable toilets to hire. From disabled access toilets to luxury event trailers made by the UK’s No.1 manufacturer, from self contained to mains connected, we have it all so you’ll need to tell us just what it is you want so we can provide you with exactly that.

Where will you be putting them? When looking at portable loo hire for an event, we’ll need to know exactly where you’ll be putting them so that our drivers can find you and so we can overcome any electricity access issues early on.

If you’d like more information on event loos and what you need to know, please do contact us. Our expert team at euroloo has become one of the leading suppliers of portable loo hire for Essex, London and all Home Counties. This is down to not only our fantastic and professional service but the fact that our mobile loos are also made by the UK’s No.1 manufacturer so not only are you guaranteed great service but you’re also getting quality products too.

Considering hire event loos for the first time?

1+1 Luxury toilet trailer

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