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Are your builders loos at risk of theft?
Portable toilet theft deterrent

Are your builders loos at risk of theft?

Are your builders loos at risk of theft?

A little over a year ago, the boss of a Spalding Company, James Stamp was reaching the end of this tether. The James Stamp Rental, Portable Building Solutions Company became the victim of professional thieves that were stealing potable builders loos to ship abroad. Three builders loos had been stolen within a week of each other from building sites and farmland with one specifically from James Stamp Rental.

At the time, James Stamp said, “There’s a good chance that it’s gone either to Eastern Europe or Africa.” At the time, it wasn’t uncommon for active professional rings to steal large plants such as mini diggers, excavators and even cement mixers in order to ship abroad. It was only eight years ago when James had experienced an entire site get cleared of all equipment when it believed it to be at it’s most prolific, or at least that’s what he thought. The 2014 thefts left him absolutely baffled especially as the builders loos in question had yet to be emptied meaning the person or persons that had taken it had not only stolen a regular builders loo but had taken the human waste that was in it too. As much as some would consider this to be scrapping the barrel, it would seem that nothing is too low for thieves these days.

Despite this being well over a year ago, portable toilet theft is still quite common. The most high profile theft of a portable builders loo is most likely the one that took place in October of last year and that’s down the thief actually being quite proud of himself. The thief in question uploaded the security video of him (very carefully) stealing the portable loo with the help of his SUV and in spite of his video going viral, the portable loo has still yet to be located. Many have agreed that there is indeed somewhat of an amusing undertone to the thought of builders loos being stolen, especially when they contain human excrement however, theft is indeed theft.

Sadly euroloo haven’t escaped the toilet theft fun and as a result, we’ve had to foot the bill for many a missing builders loo. What we’re trying to do however is to the raise awareness of just how bad this can actually be and as suppliers of the best manufactured portable loos in the UK, we urge people to report any type of suspicious activity. If you happen to see a lorry carrying a portable toilet and it doesn’t have any company hire details on in, then it’s most certainly worth giving your local constabulary a call.

Of course, if you have an issue with missing restrooms from your own builders site then you could of course prevent further theft by placing a technician on guard 24/7 but let’s face it, that’s not always feasible. A much more attainable option however is to keep your builders loos within a fenced in area on every one of your work sites. By making things slightly harder for thieves to steal your belongings (hired or not), you stand a much better chance of putting them off entirely and having your builders loos remain in situ for the entirety of the hire period.

If you’d like any further information on builders loos or other portable toilet hire available from euroloo then please do contact us today for more information.

Are your builders loos at risk of theft?

Portable toilet theft deterrent

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