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What’s The Difference Between Septic Tanks And Cesspits?
septic tanks emptying

What’s The Difference Between Septic Tanks And Cesspits?

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What’s The Difference Between Septic Tanks And Cesspits?

Cesspits And Septic Tanks

You’ve probably heard the terms septic tanks and cesspits on numerous occasions. A mistake that most people make however, is assuming that both are terms for exactly the same waste collection method. This isn’t true. Both cesspits and septic tanks collect wastewater and sewage from homes and businesses when neither are connected to mains sewers. There is however, one main difference. Let’s break it down.

Cesspits: The Lowdown

A cesspit is sealed underground. It collects wastewater and sewage only. There’s no treatment or processing of the waste involved. You’ll usually find a cesspit underground with a manhole cover on top, allowing for easy access. Cesspits need to be emptied regularly as they contain no treatment method. The time between having your cesspit emptied however, will depend greatly on a number of factors. From the size of your property to the number of people using the toilet and even the size of the tank itself.

This will all affect whether you need to have your cesspit emptied every month, every four months or every year. There are of course other considerations to make which could mean having your tank emptied at any point in between. Having large events or parties at the property in question would be the likely cause. The septic tank however, is a little different.

Septic Tanks: What’s The Score?

Septic tanks offer an added extra in that they provide a treatment process. Treating the wastewater and sewage allows the wastewater to drain into a stream or soakaway. The soakaway is a hole that’s been dug into the ground and filled with rubble and stone. The soakaway is designed to disperse of the water back into the earth without flooding the surrounding area.
For this reason, a septic tank has two different chambers that are buried underground, not dissimilar to a cesspit. As wastewater enters the tank, solids will settle to the bottom and begin the process of decomposing. The liquid however, will flow through to the second chamber. Smaller solids will begin to settle while the wastewater is treated and subsequently pushed through the soakaway.

Empty Your Septic Tanks Regularly!

Septic tanks, much like cesspits need to be emptied regularly, ideally every six months. This can however, change due to the factors mentioned previously. It’s also worth noting that septic tanks require a certain amount of restraint with regards to cleaning chemicals and bleach as this can affect the biological process within the tank itself. Over use of toilet bleach etc. can cause a number of problems.

Need Your Cesspit Or Septic Tank Emptied?

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to septic tank and cesspit maintenance. We travel nationwide to provide these services and can help you too? Contact us today on 0800 6122515 for more information on our annual tank emptying and more.

What’s The Difference Between Septic Tanks And Cesspits?

septic tanks emptying

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