Fresh water micro flush.
Waterless urinal. 

Solar Powered ecoWELFARE unit

Introducing the innovative 2+2 Static unit, a new standard in versatile outdoor facilities. Tailored for environments like parks, marinas, and public spaces, as well as crucial for sectors such as highways, logistics, and distribution, this unit isn’t just compact; it’s designed to surpass EU and UK standards for portable toilets.

Not only does it offer a silent, comfortable environment with top-tier amenities, but it also features a fresh water flush system, steering clear of chemical toilets. The unit’s simplicity in hiring and digital monitoring enhances user experience, making it incredibly user-friendly. Ideal for businesses seeking to elevate their amenity offerings without sacrificing ease or environmental standards, the 2+2 Static unit is the ultimate choice for any outdoor or public setting in need of high-quality, accessible facilities.

Sustainability Credentials

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Euroloo Portable Toilets

Static 2+2 ecoLOO Unit

Type Static Quad Toilets
Unit Length 3370mm
Unit Width 2600mm
Unit Height 2570mm
Net Weight 2600kg
Waste Tank 958 Litres
Grey Water Cap 30 Litres
Fresh Water Tank 500 Litres
Bio Tank 56 Litres
Power Output 2.5 KvA
Cubicle Length 1200mm
Cubicle Width 1170mm
Cubicle Height 2000mm


At euroloo, sustainability is at the core of our toilet hire and welfare service. We are dedicated to responsibly managing our business activities to minimize resource use and environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability guides us in enhancing our products and services, diminishing the environmental footprint of our operations, and ensuring a respectful and secure workplace for our team. We are actively developing our sustainability management system in which will be published in our pending 2024 sustainability report.

Recyclable at the end of it's lifetime
0 %
Longer lifespan per unit
0 x
CO2 emissions cut annually
0 kg
Water saved per flush
0 %

Rain and grey water recycling

Instant hot hand wash water in canteen and toilet

No Generator breakdowns or servicing

2 x 5.12kWh lithium ion batteries

Remote monitoring of energy

Ultra efficient electrical system

Zero emissions in summer with no heater

Superior Solar Capacity

Fully Equipped Canteen

Meets all HSE and CDM site welfare standards

Can be powered by external electricity supply

Ultra low-fuel HVO heating system

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