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Maintaining cesspools, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants

Maintaining cesspools, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants

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Maintaining cesspools, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants

Maintaining cesspools, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants

If your property isn’t connected to a public sewer, you may have a cesspool, septic tank or a sewage treatment plant. If you have one of these, you don’t have to pay sewerage charges to your water or sewerage company. However, you are responsible for making sure your sewerage system is properly emptied and maintained with manufacturers advising to have tanks emptied every 9-12 months.

Maintaining Your Septic Tank
Maintaining your septic tank

Remember if you don’t maintain your septic tank system properly, your local authority has the power to force you to do so. Sometimes as availability of local sewage systems increase you may be able to connect to a public sewer, or ask for one to be provided.

In Wales, septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants must be registered with the Environment Agency. From 1 April 2013, the Environment Agency in Wales has become part of Natural Resources Wales.

What is a cesspool?

A cesspool, also known as a cesspit, is a large tank which stores sewage from your property. Cesspools need to be emptied frequently frequently than septic tanks and other sewage treatment systems. This is a service we at euroloo carry out every day for clients both domestic and commercial across the UK at possibly the most competitive fixed price available with discounts available for multiple orders.

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank treats raw sewage and needs to be inspected and emptied regularly. Again this is a service euroloo provide every day to customers and is one of the most in demand services we offer and a growing area of our business.

What is a sewage treatment plant?

Some properties have their own small sewage treatment plants that treat raw sewage in a tank which needs to be maintained and emptied at a similar frequency to septic tank systems. euroloo empty sewage treatment plants for small developments of properties with no access to public drainage with many of our sewage treatment plant emptying customers being hotels, golf courses, nursing homes and care homes who often have large treatment plants

Registering your septic tank or sewage treatment plant

If your home has a septic tank or a small sewage treatment plant, you have to register this with the Environment Agency (or from 1 April 2013, with Natural Resources Wales). You should have done this by 1 January 2012. There are some exceptions for households which have an environmental permit.

However, you don’t need to register a cesspool or cesspit as these are sealed systems with no discharge into the environment.

In most cases, registration is free. You can get information about how to register on the Natural Resources Wales website.

If a property is rented, the tenant, rather than the landlord, is responsible for registration.

Businesses and other organisations can find out from Natural Resources Wales whether they should be registered.

Please feel free to contact us 0800 61 22 515 should you require any assistance or you would like to book a tank empty in.

Maintaining cesspools, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants

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