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We support organizations in the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors, providing a sustainable range of site toilets and ecoWELFARE solutions designed to minimize their environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency. Sanitation and welfare have become crucial components in setting up sites across these industries, catering to diverse teams with a variety of products to meet specific needs.


Our standard toilet is by far our most popular hire item and the trades favourite being the most in use toilet globally.


Our premium toilet offers added features of full forearm handwash sink with solar lighting for extended use.

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euroloo: Supporting Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry with Sustainable and Efficient Sanitation Solutions

At euroloo, we understand the needs of businesses within agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors. We’re not just a toilet supplier; we’re a strategic partner committed to providing a sustainable range of sanitation and welfare solutions that minimize your environmental footprint and maximize efficiency in your operations.

Sustainable Solutions for All Industry Types:

  • Eco-Friendly Sanitation Options: Sustainability is a crucial concern for industries such as agriculture and forestry. euroloo offers a diverse fleet of environmentally friendly sanitation solutions to suit your specific needs. Our water-saving fixtures in portable toilets and solar-powered ecoWELFARE units help reduce your operation’s environmental impact.

  • Minimizing Waste and Promoting Responsible Disposal: We go beyond just providing toilets. euroloo offers comprehensive effluent waste services, ensuring proper and responsible disposal of waste generated in your operations. This minimizes environmental contamination and allows you to demonstrate your commitment to responsible practices.

Catering to Diverse Workforce Needs:

  • Inclusive and Accessible Sanitation: We recognize the importance of inclusivity in sectors like agriculture and forestry. euroloo offers a range of accessible toilets suitable for all workers, ensuring everyone involved in your operations has access to clean and comfortable facilities, promoting well-being and productivity.

  • Scalable Solutions for Growth: As agricultural and forestry projects evolve, euroloo offers a flexible approach to meet your changing needs. Whether you require a few portable toilets for a small site or a network of fully equipped ecoWELFARE units for a larger operation, we can scale our sanitation services efficiently alongside your project’s growth.

Maximizing Efficiency for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry:

  • Streamlined Service and Prompt Response: euroloo understands the time pressures faced by businesses in these industries. We offer a streamlined service with rapid delivery, installation, and regular servicing of all sanitation units. This minimizes downtime and ensures your operations stay on schedule.

  • Dedicated Account Support: Building strong relationships is key. euroloo assigns a dedicated account manager to each client in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. This ensures you have a single point of contact for all your sanitation needs, fostering clear communication and efficient service delivery.

  • Nationwide Coverage with Local Expertise: With a network of depots across the UK, euroloo guarantees fast response times and dedicated support, no matter your operation’s location. Our local teams possess a deep understanding of regional regulations and permitting requirements, ensuring a smooth and compliant operation.

Building Success Together:

By choosing euroloo, you’re partnering with a company committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and compliant sanitation solutions for your agricultural, fisheries, and forestry operations. We help you create a clean, comfortable, and inclusive working environment for your workforce, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing operational success.

Additionally, euroloo can further support your projects by:

  • Offering on-site training programs for workers on proper sanitation practices and responsible waste disposal.
  • Collaborating with you to explore innovative solutions for reducing water consumption and waste generation in your operations.

Choose euroloo and experience the difference a dedicated sanitation partner can make in the success of your agriculture, fisheries, and forestry projects.

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Keeping business flying with emergency toilets delivered to aviation maintenance repair service company H+S Aviation in their time of need.

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At euroloo, sustainability is at the core of our toilet hire and welfare service. We are dedicated to responsibly managing our business activities to minimize resource use and environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability guides us in enhancing our products and services, diminishing the environmental footprint of our operations, and ensuring a respectful and secure workplace for our team. We are actively developing our sustainability management system in which will be published in our pending 2024 sustainability report.

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