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Portable Toilets & London Road Races

Portable Toilets & London Road Races


Portable Toilets & London Road Races

Portable Toilets In London

Road races are always common in the autumn. They take place for thousands of people, in and around London, from sprints to long distances. If you’re organising a road race in London yourself, you need to consider sanitation. While routes, rendezvous points and hydration stations are important, sanitation must be considered first and foremost. From entrants to spectators; everyone will be in need of these facilities. The best way to provide them? Hiring portable toilets from our London hub in Bethnal Green. Before worrying about what you need and when, allow us to help. We’ve compiled a list giving you all the info on our portable toilets in London, ready and waiting for your next road race.

Road Races And Portable Toilets

Why You Need Them – as we mentioned above, everyone will need toilet facilities. From participants to spectators, toilets will be used frequently throughout the event. While public toilets may serve a purpose, they won’t serve a large events worth of people. Let’s not forget the fact that you won’t be able guarantee the presence of public toilets. It’s also worth noting that participants will want to use the toilets quickly before getting back to their race. Add to this an increased amount of water consumption and the need for toilets is more than you realise. Addressing these needs however, is easy with portable toilets from our London hub.

Will They Freeze – as we hit autumn and fall into winter, there’s always the worry of cold weather. Here in the UK, it’s quite common for temperatures to vary a lot. One day can feel mild, the next it can feel extremely cold. Thankfully, our portable toilets are treated with an anti-freeze chemical to prevent cold temperatures from causing bother. This nontoxic solution is added when it’s needed by our team. This leaves you free to worry about more important things. Should you need added comfort, you could always use portable heaters to make it more comfortable for users.

How Many Will I Need – determining the correct number of portable toilets you’ll need isn’t difficult. Why? Because we can do it for you. Our team of experts are always on hand to help you decide on some of the more important details. The first thing you’ll need to consider is the number of expected runners. You’ll also need to estimate the number of spectators too. Things to take into consideration include the length of the race, the route (does it include loops?) and the space of the route.

euroloo Are The UK’s Leading Portable Toilet Supplier

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to hiring portable toilets. We travel nationwide to provide portable toilet hire for weddings, construction sites, events and more. Want more information? Contact us today on 0800 6122515.

Portable Toilets & London Road Races

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