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Portable Toilets Are Changing The World

Portable Toilets Are Changing The World

Portable Toilets Are Changing The World

Portable Toilets Are Changing The World

Portable toilets are having a profound effect on our planet. Despite their popularity across the globe, so many are still totally unaware about it. So we thought we’d share just some of the ways portable toilets are helping to change the world for the better.

Millions Of Gallons!

125 to be precise! The use of portable toilets are saving on average 125 million gallons of water EVERY SINGLE DAY! On an annual basis, you’re looking at around 45 billion gallons of water saved as people choose mobile loos instead of flushing toilets. Add to this the fact that self-contained portable toilets help protect our planet from contamination and it’s easy to see just how they’re helping our planet. It may sound a little surreal but by choosing to use a portable toilet, you’re actually helping preserve our planet and protect our society.

Improving Our Standard Of Living

Portable restrooms and the industry it has created has been taking care of our basic needs for well over 50 years now. Our standard of living, as a result, has improved drastically. Think of the improvements made to the likes of sports fields, parks and construction sites thanks to portable toilets.

They Improve Productivity

Dollar for dollar, portable toilets have been seen to give the best return on any other rental equipment out there. Just the mere sight of them on a construction sight has been known to improve productivity amongst workers. Let’s face it, time is money and if portable toilets can save time, money will be saved in every way possible; in fact it has. The additional hours of productivity have translated into millions of pounds worth of savings worldwide, every single year.

They Protect Our Natural Resources

Portable toilets or mobile loos as they’re often referred to, play an incredibly important role in helping to preserve and protect the natural resources within our planet. Fossil fuels are saved by the mere presence of portable toilets as they eliminate the need to drive in search of permanent facilities. They also prevent permanent fixtures being built where temporary measures will do, once again eliminating the need to use a number of resources.

Portable Toilets Save Lives

Whether it’s following a natural disaster or an emergency incident, portable toilets have been known to provide lifesaving sanitation facilities. Not only do they prevent the spread of disease, but they provide one of the most critical needs. It isn’t just the victim that a portable toilet helps, it’s also the rescue and power crews, the relief teams and utility workers too.

Here at euroloo, we couldn’t be more proud to provide such a service. Whether we’re helping a family during their own renovations or providing portable toilets for guests at a wedding, we never fail to see the importance of these amazing facilities. If you’d like to hire our portable toilets or are in need of emergency portable toilet hire, simply contact us today on 0808 291 2248.

Portable Toilets Are Changing The World

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