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Placing Toilets At Marathons

Placing Toilets At Marathons

Placing Toilets At Marathons

Things To Consider When Planning A Marathon

Whether you’re a veteran marathon runner organising your twentieth run, or setting up your first race altogether, you’ll know the importance of portable toilets. Portable toilets are used in all manner of events, whether you have thousands of runners or just a few. Overlooking the necessity of them could prove problematic. One of the biggest quandaries clients have tends to surround their placement. So here’s the euroloo guide to portable toilets along your run route.

Placing Toilets Along A Run Route

Decide On The Number You Need – getting portable toilets for your event is one thing. Getting enough portable toilets however, is another thing entirely. Not only do you need to consider the runners themselves but the staff members too. Consider individuals spectating as well as passers-by who’ll no doubt make use of the sudden availability of facilities. Everyone needs access throughout the entire duration of the event, that means before the race, during and no doubt after as people linger during the festivities.

Plan For Queues – there will always be queues at some point. It’s best to plan for this when deciding where to place the toilets. Having queues working their way into the route of the race or hindering staff could not only be inconvenient but cause a health and safety issue. Place your portable toilets in spots where it allows for people to form an orderly queue away from the route of the race.

Make Toilets Visible – you don’t want people wasting time searching for toilets. Whether it’s a runner not wanting to ruin their time, a spectator not wanting to miss their relative run past or a member of staff on borrowed time before their next duty; it’s important to make them as visible as possible.

Pay Attention To Placement Opportunities – look for opportunities to place your toilets. From street corners left clear to spaces along the route that have a clear view and allow spectators to walk around; finding the perfect spot before everyone else has set up is imperative.

Use A Reputable Company – using a reputable company such as ourselves is so important. The last thing you want is for your portable toilets to turn up in an unusable state. So what are you waiting for? Jump online now and check out our range of event toilets. We have an amazing fleet that boasts everything from basic chemical site toilets to luxury toilet trailers. No matter what sort of event you’re holding, we have something to suit.

euroloo Are Your Go-To Portable Toilet Supplier

Here at euroloo, we’ve become the UK’s leaders in event toilet hire. We travel nationwide to provide these services and can help you too with everything from marathons to local 5K’s? Contact us today on 0800 6122515 for more information.

Placing Toilets At Marathons

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