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No Portable Toilets On Site? What Happens?

No Portable Toilets On Site? What Happens?

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No Portable Toilets On Site? What Happens?

Why You Need Portable Toilets On Site

A survey carried out by Unite in 2017 highlighted two very worrying facts. 22% of construction sites were without water in the UK. It also revealed that 14% of construction sites were without cold water also. Further findings highlighted the fact that 17% of construction sites within the UK failed to provide toilets for the female members of their staff and even when facilities were provided, they were deemed to be inadequate. Add to this the fact that 1 in 10 sites didn’t supply toilet paper with half being without showers and the findings are quite simply astonishing.

This isn’t simply a case of refusal however. Finding out your legal requirements isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Sometimes it can feel down right tough and without the understanding of certain ‘legal jargon’, many can find themselves feeling kept in the dark. In light of this, we thought we’d share a little information surrounding Welfare Facilities on construction sites and what you need to know.

What Welfare Facilities Are Legally Required?

Welfare Facilities can be described as facilities that are needed for the wellbeing of your employees. These could include toilets, showers, washing facilities and even baby change facilities. The term Welfare Facilities even encompasses a safe and comfortable place to rest and eat while on break times.

How Many Will I Need?

This is perhaps one of the more common questions. The law simply states that you need to provide ‘adequate’ facilities but what does the term ‘adequate’ mean? It means enough toilets and enough washbasins for those who are working onsite. It also requires that workers shouldn’t have to queue. There should also be separate toilets for male and females where possible. Facilities must be clean, well lit and have hot and cold running water where possible.

What Facilities Must Be Provided On Temporary Facilities?

Whether your site is permanent or temporary, you’re still required to provide your staff with flushing toilets and running water. From portable toilets to hand washing facilities, all of these sanitation facilities must still be provided.

euroloo Have Your Back!

Here at euroloo, we have a wide range of facilities available for hire within our fleet of thousands. We have hubs located up and down the country which means no matter what you need, when you need it and or where you need it, we have you covered. Our teams are on hand to offer next day delivery on all sanitation products. We also offer a fantastic emergency portable toilet service that allows us to despatch your facilities within just two hours of your call. Whatever it is you need, simply contact us today and don’t forget, if you have any questions, our team at euroloo HQ are more than happy to provide you with the answers.

No Portable Toilets On Site? What Happens?

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