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Mobile loos vs. Mobile phones
Standard Event Toilet for hire

Mobile loos vs. Mobile phones

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Mobile loos vs. Mobile phones

Last week euroloo received a call from one of our regular customers asking for advice. The customer in question informed us that her son had accidently dropped his mobile phone down one of our mobile loos and she wasn’t sure what to do. For this customer in particular, we advised her that the best course of action was to wait for our driver to reach her, as they’d have the specialist protective equipment needed to retrieve the phone from our chemical site toilets. It brought to our attention however that the mobile loo vs. mobile phones debate is a common one and in spite of this, not a lot of people are actually aware of just what they should and shouldn’t do.

First things first, if you can (safely), remove your phone from the toilet water as quickly as possible. The longer it remains in there, the more likely it is that the water and liquid will seep through the cracks of your phone and make it’s way into the inner workings. Once you’ve managed to pluck it from the depths of the toilet bowl, there are a number of things that you should avoid doing in order to prevent any further water damage. These include:
• Do not turn your phone on or attempt to use it.
• Do not press buttons or keys.
• Do not shake your phone, tap it or bang in any way.
• Do not take the phone apart as this could void your warranty. This is due to the Liquid Damage Indicator that lets the phone company know water has seeped in. This can be activated when the phone is opened up.
• Do not blow on the phone as it can send water into the internal parts causing further damage.
• Do not apply heat in any way shape or form.

Before you give up entirely, there are a few things that you can do in order to save your phone from water damage after taking a tumble down a toilet and they include:
• If it isn’t already, turn it off and keep it upright.
• Remove any protective casing and remove the SIM card too.
• If you can (with iPhones this isn’t possible), remove the battery.
• Using a cloth, dab the phone dry however under no circumstances should you spread the liquid around as you may inadvertently push water into more of the phone’s openings.
• If you have access to one, use a vacuum to suck out excess water from openings and cracks.
• Submerge your phone in a bag full of uncooked rice, as it’s particularly good at absorbing liquid.
• If you’re aware you can be a little clumsy then it may be worth investing in a phone-drying pouch. These can be found in most electronic stores and are worth the investment.
• Leave the phone to dry for a day or two before attempting to use it.
• After one or two days, try inserting the battery once more to check if everything is working as it should be.
• If it doesn’t switch on then you could always try charging it to see if that works. If it still doesn’t then you know the battery is damaged completely.
• If the phone turns on and begins to run as it should then we advise you keep a close eye on it.

With this in mind, it’s most certainly worth leaving your phone elsewhere when visiting the bathroom. If you’d had a similar experience when it comes to mobile loos vs. mobile phones and found some handy tips yourself, why don’t you leave a comment below and offer a little help for others in a similar situation. If however you’d like more information on mobile loo hire for an event or perhaps cheap builders loos then please do contact us today.

Mobile loos vs. Mobile phones

Standard Event Toilet for hire

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