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Luxury Toilet Hire

Luxury Toilet Hire

Luxury Toilet Hire

Luxury Toilet Hire – What Are Your Options?

When it comes to portable toilets, you may be surprised to learn that there’s more on offer than the chemical site toilets you’re used to seeing on construction sites and muddy festival fields. Did you know we actually offer luxury toilet hire?

That’s right, here at euroloo, we have a range of luxury toilet hire options allowing you to bring a little extra added sparkle to your events. While the idea of a luxury portable toilet may not be familiar to you, here at euroloo, we’ve been providing luxury toilet hire for quite some time now. In fact, our fleet now contains not one but two options for luxury toilet hire.

Luxury Toilet Hire To Suit You

Toilet hire isn’t a one size fits all. We know each client is an individual which is why we offer two choices within our luxury toilet services. Let’s break it down.

Deluxe Toilet – these are our single luxury portable toilets. These have proven a huge hit with our clients, particularly those looking for something to fit in with their VIP or corporate theme. They’re also an incredibly cost effective alternative to our full on luxury toilet trailers. The deluxe toilets are totally self-contained which means they require no plumbing, no mains connection and would suit being placed in the middle of a field, or just about anywhere for that matter. Just as we do our chemical site toilets, our deluxe toilets are delivered ready to use and come with a free weekly clean. While they may immediately look different on the outside, many ask us what’s different on the inside. In our deluxe toilets we offer air fresheners, toilet rolls, hand washing facilities along with complete ventilation, mirror and coat hook.
Luxury Toilet Trailers – as the name suggests, these are much larger than our single deluxe toilets. These are hired for VIP events and even large scale corporate events. They’re also an incredibly huge hit with weddings and VIP areas in festivals. In fact, you could consider the luxury toilet trailers as the best of the best. Once again, these are fully self-contained requiring no plumbing or mains connections and offer some beautiful oak finishes to really give the ultimate feel of luxury.

Contact euroloo For All Of Your Luxury Toilet Needs

If you’d like more information on our incredible luxury toilets available for hire in London, Leeds and beyond, simply contact us today. We’ll give you more information on each option to help you choose to right option for your forthcoming event this summer. Whether you’re looking for a wedding, a food festival or even a corporate event, we have you covered with luxury toilet hire ensuring you make the very best impression.

Luxury Toilet Hire

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