At euroloo we know that the efficient functioning of the grease trap is essential to any commercial kitchen or food processing facility with grease trap cleaning and grease trap maintenance important to make sure harmful fats, oils and grease are captured and don’t enter into the drainage system causing blockages that may be costly to clear.

You would not imagine but grease within a grease trap can build very quickly making making the grease trap system in effective if not grease trap servicing or grease trap cleaning is not carried out regularly.

Current Environment Agency regulations state that Grease Trap waste is classed as Controlled Waste meaning your local Health and Safety Officer will need to see evidence that the grease trap has been cleaned and that the grease trap waste has been disposed of in a Safe & Legal manner by a waste carrier like ourselves, registered with the Environment Agency.

To discuss your grease trap servicing requirements or for any further advice on grease trap cleaning and systems please call our team on 01245 475700.

Grease Trap Cleaning

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