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Hiring Portable Toilets – Busting The Myths Part 1

Hiring Portable Toilets – Busting The Myths Part 1

Hiring Portable Toilets – Busting The Myths Part 1

All too often, people fall victim to myths that have travelled the grape vine. This happens a lot within the portable toilet industry. Everyone has experience with portable toilets whether it’s using them or hiring portable toilets. Some experiences are good and some experiences are bad. These experiences however, lead to preconceived notions, which are often wrong. In some cases, these assumptions become so common they’re often believed as fact. Today we want to bust the most common myths associated with portable toilets. Let’s go.

Portable Toilet Myths

They’re Smelly – this myth has surrounded portable toilets for years. While the portable toilets of the 90’s may have left a lot to be desired in terms of scent, todays are a different story. With regular maintenance, the issue of smell will be long gone. For obvious reasons, there are certain unavoidable odours, just the same as a family bathroom. With euroloo you receive one weekly clean with each portable toilet hire which means we’ll always be on top of any smelly issue. If you think your portable toilet will be receiving a lot of traffic however, we can of course offer increased maintenance services.

They’re Unclean – fact: portable toilets are not unclean. Simply put, nothing could be further from the truth. With our weekly cleans (more if needed), you can rest assured your portable toilet will be one of the cleanest toilets available in the vicinity. Science has come a long way since portable toilets were first around. The chemicals used now are far more efficient at keeping waste safe. The design also ensures waste is removed and kept hidden from site. Portable toilets are also now equipped with toilet roll, hand sanitisers and in some cases, hand lotion. You’ll leave as fresh as when you arrived. Our portable toilets ensure a super sanitary experience.

Hiring Portable Toilets – It’s For Everyone

They’re Only For Big Events – did you know we hire out portable toilets for construction sites and even to domestic homes? Portable toilets are always associated with big events but that isn’t their only use; from offering sanitation facilities to workmen to providing added comfort during a house remodel. Corporate campuses also make great use of them as well as private parties in people’s back gardens.

One Will Be Plenty – one of the many problems we face is trying to explain that one portable toilet often isn’t enough. Even if an event isn’t particular big, one portable toilet just won’t do it. You should typically hire one portable toilet to every ten guests. If you’re hiring them for a party however, we advise more. This is because food and drink often mean more visits to the bathrooms. Hiring too few toilets means queues. It also means too many people using the one toilet. This can result in smells and unsanitary situations.

euroloo are the UK’s leading portable toilet supplier

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to hiring portable toilets. We travel nationwide to provide portable toilet hire for weddings, construction sites, events and more. Want more information? Contact us today on 0800 6122515.

Hiring Portable Toilets – Busting The Myths Part 1

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