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euroloo just gets bigger and better for portable toilet hire

euroloo just gets bigger and better for portable toilet hire

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euroloo just gets bigger and better for portable toilet hire

Here at euroloo, we’ve always been very proud of the fact that we serve local people and local companies. That’s something we’ve always focused on and enjoyed but that’s not to say we’re not able to provide a much bigger service to larger companies and this past week has only gone on to prove that completely. This week has included services and meetings with not one, not two, but three major companies/corporations here in the UK and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The week really started with a bang when the mighty Amazon gave us a call and told us, “we need portable toilets asap”. Now before you begin to wonder how on earth we managed to offer our portable toilet hire services to an American company within 2 hours, we’ll let you in on a little secret…Amazon have now taken over a warehouse just inside the M25 that used to be leased by Tesco. The American online retailer took that all-important step in their bid to launch a successful online grocery service for the UK. Their grocery service, aptly named Amazon Fresh was only available in Seattle, California and New York however it’s now available in selected London postcode areas with expansion expected to happen fast. This has put major pressure on supermarkets in the London area for the simple fact that you can now enjoy a cold pint of milk or tub of Ben and Jerry’s within 60 minutes. This only goes to show it doesn’t matter how big a global powerhouse you are, when you need high quality and reliable portable toilet hire, you know who to call.

Another great achievement for us here at euroloo happens to be the fact that we’re now also the nationwide suppliers to all Co-Operative food stores with a back up toilet facility. This means that we now provide portable toilet hire services absolutely anyway from the Co-Operative Food in Harlow, Essex to the Co-Operative Food in Rishton, Lancashire.

As we mentioned earlier however, this week has included talks with not one, not two, but three major companies/organisations. The third major organisation we’re referring to here is of course the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. This was no ordinary emergency portable toilet hire service that we’re used to supplying. We actually formed part of a major onsite set up team, supplying multiple products and services for the London Fire Brigade and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority combined. This will see us being a part of one of the biggest ever training exercises to take place. It will be set at Littlebrook Power Station in Kent sometime next year. Specialist teams from the UK, Hungary, Italy and Cyprus will be taking part in what looks to be a major building collapse scenario, involving a train station and mass casualties. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of something so big and so significant when it comes to the continued training of our emergency services.

It doesn’t matter what size company you are, how imperative your need is or simply the size of the job in hand because here at euroloo, we have it covered. From a septic tank supplying a three bed semi to a portable toilet hire job for a global powerhouse, euroloo are the company to call.

euroloo just gets bigger and better for portable toilet hire

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