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Emergency portable loos

Emergency toilet hire from the experts at euroloo

Emergency toilet hire from the experts at euroloo

Here at euroloo, we’re more than aware of the need for fast and efficient emergency toilet hire at any time of the day or night, so much so that we’d consider ourselves to be specialists within the rapid deployment of emergency portable toilets whether that’s domestic or commercial. We’re so adept at delivering emergency mobile toilets that we’ve even recently secured a 3 year contract with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority on a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year basis. But it isn’t just the London Fire Service that we offer our emergency portable toilet services to. We also happen to supply our emergency toilets for those with broken toilets on site, or perhaps sites that have either no toilet facilities or insufficient ones. On top of this, we also supply our emergency portable toilets for water mains failures, disruptions to water supplies as well as major incidents and natural disasters of any kind. In instances such as this, we’ll deliver our mobile toilets quickly and fuss free. Let’s look at the three most common reasons for hiring emergency portable toilets:

Broken Toilets – this is by far the most common scenario. What many new business owners don’t realise (until it happens to them) is that a broken toilet can actually create a real risk to their business or organisation in that it can force them to shut down. This not only has a major impact financially but also in terms of reputation when it comes to their reliability. Where employees or customers have no access to adequate toilet facilities, health and safety standards are automatically breeched. The type of market sectors we provide for are industrial, education and leisure to name a few.

No Toilets on Site – we also provide cheap portable toilets to a number of companies that have an urgent need to send a workforce in to conduct work at a particularly remote site that may not have toilets. The companies requiring such emergency toilet hire ranges from construction sites, water treatment stations and even road repair and maintenance sites. In the majority of the above scenarios, the requirement to get to work can literally happen over night leaving them with little or no time to pre-order portable toilet hire and this is precisely where we can help. Here at euroloo we can get to work in an instant and provide the necessary mobile toilets with minimal fuss and delay.

Insufficient Toilets – another common occurrence that sees euroloo providing emergency portable toilets happens to be when a workforce on a construction site has to increase rapidly within a short space of time. This will mean their existing toilet facilities are no longer able to cope with demand and as a result, urgent deployment of builder’s loos are then required. In a scenario such as this, we have the capacity to respond fast by providing portable loo hire until the demand reduces.

Emergency portable toilets offer complete peace of mind

euroloo have a huge amount of experience when it comes to providing emergency portable toilets and as a result, we know that customers can often find it difficult to estimate how long they’re going to need them for, especially in the case of a broken toilet. It’s for this reason that we allow you a little flexibility. Our toilets can be dispatched within 2.5 hours and our large stock means that no matter where you are, or what time you’re calling, we’ll have enough emergency portable toilets dispatched to you when you need them.

If you’d like more details on our emergency portable toilets for hire then please call us on 0800 61 22 515 on use our contact form.

Emergency toilet hire from the experts at euroloo

Emergency portable loos

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