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5 Things Every Tradesmen Needs On Site #tradetalk
A Checklist For Tradesmen

5 Things Every Tradesmen Needs On Site #tradetalk

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5 Things Every Tradesmen Needs On Site #tradetalk

Here at euroloo, you could say we’re pretty adept when it comes to construction sites and what’s needed. We find ourselves touring the vast majority of construction sites up and down the country delivering portable toilets on a daily basis and as such, have picked up a few helpful hints and tips in our time. That’s why we thought we’d share those tips (it’s the season of goodwill after all) and give you our rundown of the 5 things that every tradesman needs on site to ensure an efficient construction site and a happy workforce. First things first…

Materials – do you have the correct materials? Do you have the correct amount of materials? One of the biggest bugbears on a construction site is the sudden realisation that you don’t have everything you need. Not only does this mean an unnecessary break in fluid work in order to source materials but it also means the possibility of a job having to be put on hold until certain materials can be sourced. You represent your company on every level, from initial customer service to the finished product, ensure you have everything you need before you begin the job for a professional and fluid service.

Skips – whether you’ll need one or multiple; skips are an integral part of any construction site in order to not only ensure a clean and tidy site (especially so for domestic jobs) but also to contribute towards health and safety because after all, a tidy site is safe site. Whether you have your own skips or employ a third party to supply them, ensure you have them ready.

Labour – without the labour available, construction sites wouldn’t be able to do what they do. Or should we say, a construction site simply wouldn’t exist. Ensuring you have labour doesn’t just mean you have workers on board but ensuring you have enough workers with the correct skill sets too. Need plasterers for a big job? Then make sure you have enough. Need qualified drivers? Source drivers with the correct licenses and ensure you have enough workers so that you aren’t overloading your workforce.

Portable Toilets – we understand that a great deal of construction site managers will be reading this, wondering why portable toilets made the list. Here at euroloo however, we’d like to point out that aside from the health and safety aspect (and the law), portable toilets have become an integral part of any construction site thanks to their ability to help save time and money. How? Well, with portable toilets on site, your workforce won’t need to leave site in search of sanitation facilities. While this may only save a few minutes a day for each member of staff, you’ll soon realise it can save hours of time over the course of a year for an entire site of staff.

Coffee – last but by no means least we have something we’d deem an essential piece of any construction sites kit…coffee. With arduous work, long days and tight deadlines, the caffeine is always needed and no doubt very much appreciated. Keep your workforce happy with plenty of tea and coffee to keep them going while they need it. We guarantee they’ll thank you for it.

5 Things Every Tradesmen Needs On Site #tradetalk

A Checklist For Tradesmen

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