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The Truckers’ Toilets UK (TTUK) campaign fights on!

The Truckers’ Toilets UK (TTUK) campaign fights on!

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The Truckers’ Toilets UK (TTUK) campaign fights on!

If you’ve visited the British Toilet Association website recently, you’ll know all about the Truckers’ Toilets UK (TTUK) campaign. Well, thanks to a recent article in The Spectator in which the author explored the effects of public toilet closures, the TTUK campaign got given another mention and was once again brought into the spotlight. Jenny McCartney, the author, quite rightly pointed out how the general public here in Britain tend to refrain from talking about toilets and as a result, we aren’t putting up a fight for the few remaining public toilets that would appear to be leaving us. The reason this has brought TTUK into the spotlight further? Well, would you believe that the shortage of skills within the haulage industry is down to poor conditions, namely a distinct lack of sanitation facilities? Despite continuing talks and discussion between the industry and governing bodies, the driver’s needs would still appear to have been forgotten amidst all the talks.

For one reason or another, it would appear that lorry drivers and other mobile workers have slipped through the legal net as it were. By this, we mean more specifically the fact that the UN Resolution 64/292 and the Equality Act 2010 do not apply to drivers and their situations. Now while this may sound terribly disappointing, it’s also somewhat of a victory to get this information clarified as it gives the TTUK campaign an idea of where drivers actually stand and what now needs to be done.

Thankfully, while other avenues begin to be explored in terms of workers and their rights to sanitation facilities, PDU-UK have decided to take up the chalice of fighting their corner. By the very nature of their work, drivers spend a great deal of time in their cabs and therefore need the support that the PDU-UK are willing to offer. One of their aims is to begin helping to improve general conditions, welfare and facilities. They’ll do this by acting as a spokesman on behalf of all drivers in order to “tackle the issues that no one is bothering about and no single driver can do anything about.”

In another victory for the TTUK campaign, the issue actually made Sky News. On 4th March, an interview was carried out discussing the effect toilet closures have had and subsequently, the plight of lorry drivers (as well as other mobile workers) was one of the areas discussed in detail. With this, local radio stations were then made aware of the issue, subsequently creating further publicity online too. How long this issue carries on for is yet another area that’s up for debate but you can be sure that the British Toilet Association and PDU-UK will be doing their utmost to help push this along as quickly as possible. If you’d like to join this campaign in support of UK truckers and mobile workers everywhere, then hop on over to https://www.pdu-uk.co.uk.

If you’re a company that would like to offer their support by supplying a portable toilet to truckers frequenting your premises, then contact us at euroloo today.

The Truckers’ Toilets UK (TTUK) campaign fights on!

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