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Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

Portable toilets are a must at construction sites. Without sufficient portable toilets on site, you’ll find workers having to leave the site in search of them. Not only does this cause more downtime than expected, it’s inconvenient. Depending where you are, there may not be toilets for quite some way. If that isn’t enough, check out below why so many now use portable toilet hire for their construction site.

Portable Toilet Hire Is Convenient

They’re Convenient – when you have toilets on your site, they can be used at any time of day. This makes them hugely convenient. It prevents workers leaving your site in search of facilities. Instead they remain on site and bathroom breaks become mere seconds as opposed to minutes. It’s also worth noting that while some may use the toilet facilities on site, this isn’t always practical. Construction work often involves shutting off water and sewer pipes. This means the toilets you were using will not be accessible. No water and sewer lines mean no toilets. Portable toilets in this case are a must.

Be More Productive – if bathroom breaks no longer require leaving the site, productivity levels will increase hugely. As we mentioned earlier, breaks go from minutes to seconds. Those minutes throughout the week and across your entire staff will add up fast. It’s also much nicer when your staff feel thought of. If their needs are met without request, your staff will feel cared about. This has shown to increase productivity as workers tend to work harder for considerate employers.

Be More Respectful –All too often, especially on domestic jobs, workers use the toilets already on site. This is usually the family toilet or in some cases, the office toilet. While some may be happy, others may not be quite so accommodating. In this case, we suggest respecting the client’s privacy and hiring your own portable toilet. It’s always best for construction workers to have their facilities.

For Safety And Cleanliness – Thinking in the long run, portable toilets are so beneficial. When there aren’t any toilets on site, workers are more likely to ‘hold it’. Holding on to a full bladder for a long period of time can pose serious health problems. By having portable toilets on site, you provide workers with the opportunity to use the bathroom whenever they feel the need.

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law – Legalities are important in any occupation, especially so construction. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to provide onsite toilets to all workers. By hiring portable toilets, you save yourself stress and a lot of legal expenses.

euroloo are the UK’s leading supplier of portable toilets

Hiring portable toilets from euroloo is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply call us direct, tell us what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Our team will be on hand to have your portable toilets dispatched and delivered in some cases in as little as two hours. For more information or if you’d like to ask our team some questions, simply contact us today on 0800 6122515.

Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

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