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Septic Tank Protection
Annual septic tank empty

Septic Tank Protection

Septic Tank Protection

Winter is considered by some to be the harshest season for your septic tank and as an owner of such a system, you need to ensure that it’s in full working order for it to perform at its best. This is especially so before freezing temperatures hit and snow falls. Here at euroloo, being experts in the field of septic tanks, we like to offer as much advice as possible and with our last post covering the problems that can occur during this time, we thought it only right to follow up with a post detailing just what you can do to ensure your septic tank is healthy and in full working order. Here are just some of the things that you can do in order to maintain a fully working septic tank this winter.

Top Tips for protecting your septic tank this winter

Have regular septic tank emptying – be sure to follow your regular pump out schedule when it comes to your septic tank. This will eradicate any of the accumulated sludge that builds up in your septic tank. When the built up sludge is removed, solid waste can no longer flow into the drain field and clog the whole of the system. Make things easier on yourself and fill in our online form for annual septic tank emptying.

Remove trees and other hardwood plants that may be over or near your septic system – having a garden is fantastic, especially when said garden is filled to the brim with stunning foliage and plants however if you own a septic system you need to ensure that all plants are kept away from it. This is simply down to the fact that the roots of hardwood plants can be invasive. They can penetrate the system and even block the flow of the wastewater treatment process. Roots can also damage the actual components of the septic tank ultimately resulting in leaks of wastewater as well as back ups and floods.

Stop treating your drains like a bin – we cannot stress enough the importance of disposing your waste correctly. Refrain from dumping grease and non-biodegradable materials down your toilet or drains. These substances simply can’t be broken down and as such will only begin to accumulate and ultimately block the system.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning – the harsh chemicals within these cleaning products will kill off the resident bacteria and without the bacteria, they’ll be no wastewater treatment. We recommend using eco-friendly cleaning products instead.

Avoid putting weight over the top of it – by this we mean avoid driving over your septic tank or building any structure on top of it. The heavy weight of these structures and vehicles will result in compaction of the soil and/or snow. This then presses it into the ground more.

Keep your septic tank warm with mulch – by putting a good layer of mulch over the top of your septic tank, you can then help it avoid freezing over. This is especially good if your septic tank has poor plant cover and is particularly prone to freezing over.

Remember that your septic tank is an indispensible component of your entire home so care for it well and you’ll ensure a fully function sanitation system during the harsh winter months.

Septic Tank Protection

Annual septic tank empty

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