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Emergency Toilet Hire

Emergency Portable Toilets

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Emergency Portable Toilets

It’s been a rather busy start to the year here at euroloo. We seem to have been covering the four corners of the UK, not that we’re complaining of course. From portable toilet hire in Sheen to emergency portable toilet hire in Leeds, we’ve covered it all. You may also know that for quite some time, we’ve been the sole suppliers of emergency portable toilets for the London Fire Brigade too. This means that any time night or day, should the London Fire Brigade need portable toilets for their firefighters at a long, and in depth incident, we will be there to do just that.

In the last three weeks alone, we’ve actually attended two rather large scale incidents in which two large fires had broke out, requiring the attendance of a great number of fire fighters for a long period of time. The two fires we’re referring to were in Edmonton and Tottenham.

The fire in Edmonton took place in an industrial estate. The unit that was on fire was a recycling plant that created fuel out of refuse. With the amount of recyclable rubbish in there however, it meant a great deal of flames and smoke. It also meant that other tools, aside from water were needed. While the fire fighters tackled the fire, we of course were on hand to deliver the necessary sanitation facilities to allow the crews to continue in their battle against the flames. Our emergency portable toilets were in situ at this job for quite some time as it eventually required diggers to come in and begin lifting some of the rubbish in order for the fire fighters to continue putting out the remaining flames.

The fire in Tottenham occurred yet again on an industrial type estate and was actually set in a bakery warehouse. The fire however, had spread quite badly by the time the Fire Brigade got there, leading to a partial collapse of the building. Once again, this was going to be a long and arduous job for all fire fighters involved which meant the need for emergency portable toilets to allow the guys to carry on fighting the fire and stopping any possible spread without having the go and find toilets near by. As always, we delivered our portable toilets within two hours of receiving the call and had them there, in place as quickly as we had arrived. Much to their appreciation we might add.

On top of our presence at such large scale emergency incidents, we’ve also been providing a large number of portable toilets to residential buildings as it would seem a lot more people are beginning to look at extending their homes rather than purchase due to stamp duty prices. Suffice to say, here at euroloo, we’ve been incredibly busy from all angles but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’re in need of emergency portable toilets, restricted access portable toilets or even septic tank services, we’ll be happy to help.

Emergency Portable Toilets

Emergency Toilet Hire

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