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Backpacks And Public Toilets

Backpacks And Public Toilets

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Backpacks And Public Toilets

Backpacks And Public Toilets

Whether you’re travelling between meetings or carrying around your entire worldly goods from one festival to another, we guarantee you’ll find yourself needing to use a portable toilet while in possession of your backpack at one point or another. Despite recent technology, creating amazing chemical solutions to help prevent odours and germs spreading, the fact remains a toilet is still a toilet. No one wants to put their bags on the floor, nor does anyone want to use the toilet with a huge backpack on their back. So the question we’re looking to answer today is, “how do you use a toilet with a backpack?”

Keeping It Hygienic

Here are some super hygienic and totally safe ways to ensure you’re able to attend the loo at your next festival and keep your backpack clean and in safe-keeping.

• Hand It To A Friend – this may be the most obvious one but handing your bag to a friend before you go in is usually your best bet. Portable toilets are kept small and compact for ease of transport and of course to minimise their footprint in their latest location. That means keeping it on your back may not be physically possible without it sitting on the seat behind you – not what anyone wants. If you’re with friends or associates, simply look after each other’s bags as you all use the restroom/portable toilets. Easy and hygienic. It also frees you up to use the bathroom without having to figure out what to do with your bag.

• Sit It On Your Thigh – if you’re on your own or your friends happen to be using the bathroom at the same time, simply pop your bag (if it isn’t too large) on your lap. This keeps it in your sight and off of the floor which is the most important thing.

• Pop It Underneath Your Arm – if you’re carrying a bag that’s small enough, pop it under your arm. While sitting your bag on your lap is great, it can pose a bit of an issue when it comes to tending to yourself once you’ve finished. Popping a bag under your arm however, leaves you with two free hands. Hey presto, nice and easy and your bag stays on your person.

• Look For The Hook – here at euroloo, our portable toilets aren’t just there to provide a safe and hygienic way to use the bathroom, they’re also there to provide a convenient service for everyone involved. That’s why we ensure they’re the most comfortable to use with added extras such as coat hooks, perfect for popping your bag onto and giving you the ideal way to keep your belongings safe and clean.

Contact euroloo Today

No one wants to leave their bag on the floor of the bathroom, no matter how clean they may look. During any outdoor event, be it a festival or a wedding, our portable toilets can be hired complete with fitted hooks to ensure your belongings remain safe and clean during use.

Contact us today for more information.

Backpacks And Public Toilets

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