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Wash Stands For Hire

Wash Stands For Hire

Wash Stands For Hire

Wash Stands For Hire

Hiring portable toilets for your next outdoor event is a given. Whether it’s a charity event or a music festival, any guests will want the convenience and comfort of toilets onsite. Unless you already have toilet facilities on site however, you’ll find yourself lacking one vital area of sanitation – hand-washing facilities. Any guests at any events, from weddings to music festivals will need hand-washing facilities and they can be so easily provided in the form of washstands. They’re an essential addition to any event. Here at euroloo, we offer sturdy, lightweight and freestanding wash stands for hire. They’re easy to maneouver and super easy to clean. What’s more, they’re an all-plastic design and come with anti-bacterial hand sanitizers as standard. They’re the perfect compliment to any site. Still not convinced that you need a hand washing station? Check out the reasons why you need one below!

Why You Need Our Wash Stands For Hire

Better Hygiene – toilets, any toilets, even ours with the best of care are filled with germs. There’s simply no getting away from it. Even cleaning after every single use, germs would still persist. One of the best ways to cut contamination is hand washing. By having only portable toilets at your event however, you’re preventing people from washing their hands and ultimately encouraging the spread of germs. Our wash stands for hire help eliminate this by offering guests somewhere to clean themselves. This is vitally important especially when serving food as no one wants everyone touching the food at the buffet with dirty hands.

Cut The Spread Of Germs – while hand sanitizer is a great option, it isn’t the most preferred. Yes it’s great when water isn’t available but with our foot pump hand wash stations, you don’t need a mains connection. Let’s not forget the fact that while hand sanitizers are…handy should we say, they don’t kill germs as much as thorough washing does. Hand sanitizer will of course reduce the number of germs on your hands but only proper washing will really get rid of them entirely.

Create Less Mess – not every single outdoor event requires portable toilets. You may already have portable toilets on site. Having an extra washing station however, could become incredibly handy, especially for those that include messy activities. From face painting to mud slides, wash stands are a must. Just think of all the parents you’ll have to deal with when it comes to putting the now filthy kids in the car to go home.

Contact euroloo For Wash Stands For Hire

For more information on our hand wash stands for hire, simply contact us at euroloo today on 0800 61 22 515. Our team are always on hand to offer any help and advice you may need.

Wash Stands For Hire

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